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1 act or move at high speed; "We have to rush!"; "hurry--it's late!" [syn: rush, hurry, look sharp, festinate]
2 step on it; "He rushed down the hall to receive his guests"; "The cars raced down the street" [syn: rush, hotfoot, hie, speed, race, pelt along, rush along, cannonball along, bucket along, belt along] [ant: linger]
3 speed up the progress of; facilitate; "This should expedite the process" [syn: expedite]
4 cause to occur rapidly; "the infection precipitated a high fever and allergic reactions" [syn: induce, stimulate, rush]

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rfap US


  1. To move in a quick fashion.
  2. To make someone speed up or make something happen quicker.


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to move in a quick fashion
to make someone/something speed up


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accelerate, advance, advantage, aid, barrel, bolt, boost, bundle, burn to, bustle, career, chafe, chase, clear the way, conduce to, contribute to, crack on, crowd, dart, dash, dash off, dash on, dispatch, double-time, drive on, ease, encourage, expedite, explain, facilitate, favor, festinate, fleet, fling, flit, fly, forward, foster, fret, further, fuss, gain ground, get excited, get going, get moving, grease, grease the ways, grease the wheels, hardly wait, haste, hasten on, help along, hie, hie on, hotfoot, hump, hump it, hurry, hurry along, hurry on, hurry through, hurry up, hurry-scurry, hurtle, hustle, hustle up, impel, itch to, jump the gun, leap, lend wings to, loose, lose no time, lubricate, make clear, make for, make haste, make way for, move, move quickly, oil, open the throttle, open the way, open up, pave the way, pick up speed, plunge, post, precipitate, prepare the way, press, press on, promote, push, push forward, push on, push through, put forward, put on, put on steam, quicken, race, railroad through, remove friction, rev, run, run interference for, rush, rush along, rush through, scamper, scoot, scour, scramble, scud, scurry, scuttle, send, set forward, shake up, shoot, simplify, skedaddle, smooth, smooth the way, soap the ways, speed, speed along, speed up, sprint, spur, spurt, squirm, stampede, step on it, step up, stew, sweat, sweat and stew, sweat it out, tear, unbar, unblock, unclog, unjam, urge, wait impatiently, whip, whip along
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